‘The best this side of Toulouse, you won't taste better;’Tony Bilson

Jumjum ducks are different

First they are Muscovys whereas the usual table duck is a Pekin-Aylesbury. For the past few years we have been breeding our own line of high quality Muscovys to ensure superior lean meat with great flavour and tenderness. From the comments we have received we think we have got it right.

Secondly our ducks get to pick at their own selection of greenery, free ranging daylong on the best pasture. As a supplement, we use grains and feed mixes with all natural ingredients, no antibiotics, no animal by products and no growth stimulants. During the day they run under the shade of a commercial plantation of hazelnut trees well protected from predators. At night, ducks are housed in wooden barns on hardwood shavings with hardwood nesting boxes for each of the breeding ducks. Chicks are hatched during the normal breeding cycle and mothered by hens not electricity.

Our holistic approach

What makes our ducks really different is our highly personal and holistic approach. We are in charge of the whole process to the fullest extent possible - we breed our own stock, feed and tend them up to processing, collect and deliver to the restaurant or client ourselves. We are keen on providing a natural product from a local farm.

It’s a more expensive mode of production than the regular commercial enterprise but we feel it’s worth it. It gives us great pride and satisfaction to deliver a real food experience that is produced to the highest standards and with great care and affection for the animals.